Theme Changes and Optimization

After using the Raven theme for a while, because I like dark themes, I have gone back to the standard WordPress 2017 theme. Mostly because it had a dark option. It also doesn’t look terrible, which the Raven theme kind of did.

Another reason for changing themes was optimization. I spend a long time optimizing my website¬†procrastinating for all the people that read my posts no one’s benefit. I will do a proper write up on optimizations soonish (maybe). No, I actually will, just maybe not that soon, but it is an interesting and complex topic. There are lots of WordPress plug-ins that claim to make it super simple and get you a high score on website speed test sites, but it isn’t actually that simple. Luckily I spent a lot of time (way too much time) figuring out what optimizations actually improve performance you can see and what different testing tool prioritise. It isn’t always clear cut.

Jokes aside, trying to optimize things and generally mess about is a great way to learn, providing you aren’t doing anything critical. I may procrastinate, but I do it well!

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