Guess Who’s Back

I’m back, not that I was ever here. A few weeks ago I noticed a large(ish) bill on my credit card statement for my web hosting. Oh, that’s right I though, I have a website. That one I made to write about my engineering/tech projects which I never update, not that I do any work on them anyway. Clearly, I had great foresight in choosing the name Procrastinating Engineer.

So I moved away from my original host* (1&1) to OVH who were way cheaper and I already rent servers through them, so I knew their system is good. Other than that it’s basically the same old WordPress which I had before. Obviously this time I will be working on my projects much more frequently and actually writing about them. Just check the date of this post and look at all the project updates there have been since. I predict it will be somewhere in the region of loads.



*Actually a long time ago I had this site hosted by GoDaddy, but their web builder was terrible.

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