My 2016 PC upgrade is finally done!

Back in May 2012, a younger and more naive Mike left the world of console gaming for the glorious lands of the PC Master Race. Excited by the pace of advancement, as soon as my new PC was finished I was already planning the next iteration.

2016 was due to bring Intel’s 10nm Skymont CPU’s, and by then I’d have left university and be able to afford a shiny new PC that would leave my old one in its dust. Then…


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Sandboxing Zoom

Since Covid hit last year, Zoom has become a verb for video chats. Some of their questionable security practices and their ties to China have made some people wary of using it.

Fortunately, if you didn’t want to install something you can always join from a browser, if you’re willing to give up the very useful Gallery view.

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Cloudflare Firewall Rules

I found a website ( which allows you to load test websites and API’s using AWS. With a free account you can test from one location with 50 virtual units for up to 12 mins. Spinning up a load test of get requests, Cloudflare served up all the traffic no problem, leaving my minimal VPS web-server alone. Then I tried again with post requests and BAM… 100% CPU load, response time over 6 seconds.

What was happening? Shouldn’t Cloudflare stop things like this?

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Have You Been Pwned: NTLM Hashes

Troy Hunt continues to be amazing for cyber security with the Have I Been Pwned project. All the Version 3 passwords have been released as NTLM hashes, the password hash used by Windows. This should be really useful for any sysadmins managing a Windows Enterprise deployment wanting to make sure that users aren’t using bad passwords. Hopefully as this is adopted it will also reduce the number of poor password rules that many companies still enforce.

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